Z-Bar Koncept Lighting

Sep 11th

Koncept Lighting is a well-known lighting company because of its innovative and extraordinary product design. This brand is very popular among people who love modern and minimalist style. As you may know, contemporary style offers a sleek and clean look. The d├ęcor elements that are presented in modern homes should not take up much space. In the needs of a sleek and simple style product, in 2005 Koncept Lighting launched Z-Bar that is very popular and received a lot of awards. So, what is the Z-Bar? And why is it so popular?

Koncept Lighting Gen 3

Koncept Lighting Z-Bar, as the name suggests, is a Z-shaped desk and floor lamp. The slim and sleek lighting fixture featuring LEDs and three simple bars. Z-Bar is also famous for its flexibility because it has smooth, infinite adjustable joints. You’re not going to mention the hassle of directing the light source to perform various activities. How nice to have a flexible lighting fixture with bright light when we are reading, typing, knitting, or doing other detailed tasks. The touchstrip is also sensational. You can easily turn on, turn off, or dim the light using one finger. Not to mention the delicate counterbalance that sustains the minimalist light.

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Image of: Koncept Lighting Gen 3

Z-Bar has several types. Z-Bar Mini is the smaller version of Z-Bar that is perfect for a smaller space. What I love from Z-Bar mini is that it available in eight different finishes such as metallic black, sliver, white, orange, blue, green, and purple. They are ready to make your room fun and cheerful! If you feel the Z-Bar is too big, and the Z-Bar Mini is too small, Z-Bar Slim is suitable for you. For a more compact and minimalist style, you can choose the Z-Bar Solo or Z-Bar Solo Mini. Meanwhile, the Z-Bar floor can serve as a task light and also accent light when you dim the light and turn the LED head to the ceiling. What do you think about Z-Bar Koncept Lighting? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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