The Myth of Grow Lights

Mar 13th

Grow Lights Like many myths that already exist, some of the myths by manufacturers of light itself, like LED grow lights with a bad reputation by indoor gardeners. Looks as though many manufacturers did not really grow up with their lights. Their leadership teams usually consist of a lighting engineer, along with a businessman with an interest in gardening. None of them had much experience with indoor gardening. If there are, they are chasing the next trend in the hope to increase revenue. But with a little gardening experience they claim, that they accidentally gave them the wrong information.


Because the LED emitter has a life span of 50,000 hours-plus, which is about 10 years if used 12 hours a day. General sales promotion used was: “This could be the grow lights last you are going to buy.” It is intended to help buyers to overcome the high cost of LED grow light. Unfortunately, this does not work as expected.

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Although LED emitters have aged very long in use, innovation light continues in its design, such as secondary optics, heat setting is better, and the emitter is still better LED on the horizon. This will cause the majority of farmers to upgrade to the newer. With better light and performing well from their first LED grow lights. So while “the last light you will ever buy” make big sales, do not believe it. That is not true.