The Modern Hurricane Lamps

Jun 20th

Hurricane lamps were popular in the Victorian era until nowadays with modern contemporary touches to make a better quality of lighting. The very basic of these lamps include a candle, a handle, and a glass globe. The idea prevents the blown out flame when the lamp is moved. The elaborate hurricane lamps made of porcelain are interesting. It contains two large globes which are powered by gas. These days, modern people use the hurricane lamps although we are now using the electricity. Well, this is because of the easy use of the lamps. Rustic homes are for sure better with the complimentary of hurricane design lamps.

Hanging Hurricane Lamps

The materials that used are tin, steel, glass, bronze and brass. Each one of them has quality that really good in featuring warm and inviting styles. There are now also available in porcelain and glass. Modern designs are fueled frequently by electricity rather than gas. Modern hurricane designs lamps can also be lit by citronella oil, lamp oil, paraffin or kerosene.

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It is recommended to be careful if you are deciding about to use a hurricane lamp. This is because of the open flames are in need of to be taken care of and be watched at all times. When you are using these lamps, you should also have to remember they are lit with substances that flammable. When you are using the hurricane lamps, keep your eye on the lamp to make sure in preventing a fire.

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