Rules for Kosher Kitchen

Nov 29th

Kosher kitchen – In a kosher household, only kosher food served to family and friends. In addition to food is properly handled and packaged, the kitchen must be equipped with koshered appliances, cookware and utensils. There are variations on the kitchen koshering procedures, so consult an authority on the subject, such as a rabbi for more detailed guidance. Cookware and kitchen utensils

Kosher Kitchen Interior
Kosher Kitchen Interior

You can kosher cookware, knives and tools by boiling them for 15 seconds in a kosher kitchen pot. If pans are too large for immersion, you can do one section at a time. For over-sized pots, which are too large to dip or too clumsy to handle, fill them with water, bring to a boil and heated placing a rock or a large piece of metal in water to make it overflows and cover the pan. Wash utensils in cold water and wait 24 hours before using it.

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The easiest way to keep dairy -and meat tools and utensils separate, is to label drawers and cabinet doors with labels, or discrete dot stickers. Red is a common choice for meat cabinets and blue are favored for devices with only dairy utensils and cooking vessels can be stored of kosher kitchen.