Ring Light Combines the Idea of Led

Mar 23rd

A Ring light typical consists of two main units, a power unit and a light source unit. The power unit can be battery or power pack. The light source unit is a group of small lights circular shape that surrounds the light lens. Some of them have a diffuse or lamp focus.


Ring light is a semiconductor light. It works by combining electrons with electron holes within the device releases energy in the form of photons (light exposure). Early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light, but as technology progresses, they offer a variety of color light with high intensity.

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A ring light combines the idea of ​​Light Emitting Diode with the idea of ​​a ring to form a lighting equipment which is very handy. This kind of light is used in macro photography, microscopy, torch; lamp indicator lighting and the plants grow. For example in macro photography shot object has a larger size in the image of its size in life. This will create problems real clarity.

A distributed lighting makes a big difference in solving this problem. Another example is the replacement indicator lamps in many devices such as TV and radio. One advantage of using Ring light is more ordinary bulbs are very large, to instant low-energy consumption, better durability, longer life time, lower cost and faster switching.