Restoring Kitchen Cabinet Doors

May 12th

Restoring Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Restore or repair the doors of the cabinets is an inexpensive way to renovate any kitchen , as new cabinets have prices that are ridiculously high. However, renewing costs much less and generally get a custom look without spending much. Probably what more can improve the cabinets are the doors. The available options are either to renew buy new doors or painting, staining or restore you have.


Using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the hinges to remove the kitchen cabinet doors. Save the screws need them again sooner than you think. Clean the doors with a mild dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent, both are good to remove grease and oil. Use warm water and an abrasive pad to scrub the dirt visible and invisible. Rinse and dry them doors with an old towel. Review them to make sure they are clean. Let dry for a day before covering with laminate. Remove the rear screws to remove door handles. Save handles to use after restoring the doors. Gently sanding the faces of the doors with a grit number 220 to match the surfaces and prepare them for that they adhere better laminate. Once you’ve finished sanding, clean the doors with a lint-free rag and scrape out the dust with a clean brush.

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Placing kitchen cabinet doors on a flat surface and then cut a little larger than laminate doors. There are sheets of adhesive laminate and others that need to be applied glue. Off adhesive protection and apply the laminate firmly at the door, and press all areas with your hands to help adhere better. If you use those requiring glue, apply a thin, even coat of the same on the door and then applies the piece of laminate. Trim excess laminate edge of the door using a utility knife. Guide the cut with a metal straight edge to cut the door or not cut more material than necessary. Make holes in the laminate of each door, in the place where the handles go. Install all handles and replace the screws on the inside of the doors. Replace the doors on the cabinets, screwing these hinges with the screwdriver. Before fully tightening the screws, check the alignment of the doors opening and closing them. Make adjustments as necessary and finish tightening the screws.

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