Rainbow Light All Zyme Double Strength

May 7th

Rainbow light is Gatekeeper of Divine White Light, Guardian of Pure Divine White Light. White Light in the art world is the absence of all color, type of emptiness. In the Realm of the Spirit, white light is all inclusive; it’s all love and light, white light shining through the silence before you show you the way along your way.


Rainbow light shines through all of it will blind you to view, to distinguish it not for your highest and best good, for the Higher-Self you. Pure Divine White Light is the essence of All There Is in all the Realms. Taharial Archangel, whose name means, Purity Allah is the Protector of all that is sacred, all the love and light. Archangel is the purity of the whole, it is complete in itself.

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Asking for guidance, assistance in finding your life purpose after you ask, is open to the guidance given is willing to step outside your comfort zone in all you’ve been in the Realm of Spirit. Stones from Rainbow light, to empower all those who have the courage to go all the known to the exceptional nature of energy and light like no other. Extending the sense to know; re-charge your chakra energy centers simultaneously.


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