Promote Mood Disorders with Night Light

May 11th

Night light – One study sought to determine what were the effects of different types light to which we may be exposed during the night or sleep and found that the kind of light has different effects on the body, health and, in particular, that mental . If therefore the light at night is blue, white or red will have different effects – as well as if there is no light.


This was discovered by researchers at Ohio State University who conducted a study on animal model, the results of which were published in the Journal of Neuroscience. “The night light can affect parts of the brain that receive the signals about regulating mood during the hours of the day, when they should not – said Dr. Tracy Bedrosian, co-author of the study – This may be the reason why the light night to be linked to depression in some people.”

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If you need a night light in the bathroom or in the bedroom, it may be best to have one that gives off red light rather than white light,” concludes Bedrosian. But in the end, if possible, the total darkness is always the best choice – even better if followed by the arrival of daylight in the morning.

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