Popularity of Light Box

Mar 21st

Light box – now we have a very original and easy way to do it with one of the products most is looking at options, and is the famous light box or light box.  a box with light decorating any room of a home, business, party … a very functional and practical product, which is tendency and that you could never get enough, thanks its easy way to change the messages. Since we have in the store, do not imagine we can stop pretty phrases to put in the light box!

Vintage Light Box
Vintage Light Box

There are a variety of ideas for decorating with light box, hence its versatility. You can use them in the children’s room with pretty phrases, at a special dinner to give a card with a special phrase at a wedding, birthday or any event, as a reminder of an important event for the family. Has endless possibilities, you can hang it on the wall or leaning on a shelf or table as table lamp, can be used for decoration and lamp. It has a very dim light, so it is the best ally to accompany ls smaller during sleep.

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The light box is provided with a low-energy bulb and can be placed desktop or hang on the wall. It comes in two sizes: 26 cm x 35 cm (40 €) and 18 cm x 35 cm (35 €) and can be ordered in any of the 30 colors of the children’s line of MC or, if you prefer, choose one of 72 shades of the original letter.