Original Gravity Light Design

Apr 28th

Gravity light designed will replace the use of kerosene lamps in developing countries. Using your body weight to push the gear train and generating electricity from the kinetic energy that is created. Now, it has been the establishment of a new version of safe, cheap and comfortable lighting solutions.


The original gravity light hung in the room and the bag is likely attached to a hook on the bottom of it. Bag, which is filled with stones or sand, which is then withdrawn gradually fell at a rate of about 1 mm (0.04 in) per second. Strength of low speed high torque drive sprocket, and that when it is run through a gear train is able to move the generator in the capital, thousands of rotations per minute in.

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The company behind gravity light received a lot of feedback on the first edition and is able to increase accordingly. It is said that the new version of the device to be easier to use, brighter, stronger and more durable. The new pulley system has been included so as to make it easier for users of any height or the strength to lift the weight up, giving a maximum time of landing.



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