How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Aug 12th

How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry – You go to the kitchen for something to eat and you find a disorder that takes away your appetite or maybe try to prepare something to eat and at the moment you should add a little salt cannot find it in the pantry. A cluttered and unorganized can generate a lot of nuisance in terms of time and cleaning kitchen. It is best to know how to organize the kitchen pantry and fortunately today we tell you how.


The first thing you do is remove all products from the kitchen pantry to a specific place and proceed to clean it. If you want to disinfect, use a little baking soda, although this also depends on the material of your pantry. It is also possible that in some cases necessary to paint the kitchen furniture so it looks like new; you can change color to give a more modern style. You must now select products. Put aside cans, boxes in another; plans do you use more often to put it in front of the pantry. Avoid, for example, ingredients such as flour or rice are in their bags because it is easier that can spill their contents. The best in these cases are glass bottles, but can also get very nice plastic containers. Try marking the jars so you won’t have problems in your recipe: its color and your distraction, you could confuse sugar with salt in the recipe birthday cake.

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To organize your kitchen pantry try to order food has to do: Put the beans aside, bottles of oils and spices others, the bottles you use most should not be too hidden, for example, and packages of candy, good, either very visible, they can make you fall into temptation. Now that you’ve finished organizing the kitchen pantry will be much easier to know which foods are needed in it or what are well stocked. So it’s time to market and return home just need to put things in the right place. No more headaches: organize the kitchen and know how to keep order in it is a kitchen model for your family and friends.