Make a Folding Camp Kitchen

Sep 10th

Camp kitchen – Firstly, set up folding tables in a workspace or garage. Attach cup hooks along one side of the table. Embark tool pockets on the surface of the table, face down. Then, adhere one side of the sticky adhesive Velcro to the short edges of the table. Hold the other side of the Velcro on the back of each of the tool pockets. Fastening tool pockets on each side of the table.


Flip the table over and attach 4:57 more cup hooks to the underside of the table for additional storage and dish – drying. For camp Kitchen Layout: Set up folding table. Wrap pans and cooking utensils from plastic storage containers. Place items on the cup hooks around and under the table for easy access. Save smaller items such as cutlery, condiments, napkins and trash bags in tool pockets in the ends of the table.

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Next, cap the plastic containers and stack them next to the table, with the shallow dish container on top of the stack. Use this as a washing station after meals, or as an additional preparation area for food. Employment tike torches or solar light near the kitchen to add visibility. Last, place the cooler under the table when not in use to protect it from the sun. Pull cooler out under the kitchen preparing for easy access to your ingredients. And your folding camp kitchen was done.