Light Meter for Shooting Night

Nov 14th

Never get caught without Light meter? Stuck on an expedition important photographic no way to determine your exposure settings? Well I have, and it worked out ok, thanks to the Sunny 16 Rule and careful consideration of years of experience. Here’s the story about this event and how it works.


I camped the first night and went shooting only at noon. In the early afternoon photo session I Light meter I lost. It fell out of my coat pocket while I was traveling. If you can see a million, trillion rocks strewn across the desert and where I had been on a bike, you will understand that it is not worth looking meter. Five days photographing in front of me and there was no way to get accurate light readings.

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Being winter, the low angle of the sun throughout the day so I take pictures for most of the time except for a while around noon when I returned to my camp to feed. Of course, when I use Light meter added two stops. When using ISO 400 black and white film I made a new set of numbers added three stops for a red filter. When I got home and processed the film in black and white and in cores it gets the color negatives and CD back from the lab.

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