Importance Led Fog Lights

Apr 7th

LED fog lights – Talking about the kind of light, or light, probably less appreciated by all who equips a car. We could say that the front fog lamps are neither nor are expected. They are not mandatory, so many times does not bring a car, especially if it is a basic version of affordable price, leaving them just in case as an optional equipment or the best equipped versions, and more expensive, of course. In fact right now you could give some examples of cars that do not even mounted as an option. Well gentlemen, bad, very bad. The fog lights are useful, necessary and cannot be replaced by a more modern lighthouse, either xenon or LED is.


The low beam or short-range halogen headlights does not replace light fog lights, nor replaces the low beam xenon headlights, or some LED fog lights for superior that is the light beam projecting these technologies. If there is fog would understand the beam, but we will not have the same quality of illumination that if we also fog lamp.

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LED fog lights, fog is a meteorological phenomenon that involves the suspension of very fine water droplets in the air, usually due to high humidity and a cool room temperature. In other words, it is a low cloud at ground level. And another no-brainer, the fog obscures visibility because our eyes have to see through that infinity of tiny water droplets. The same happens when there are heavy rain, in this case remains water drops, larger, of course, between our eyes and what you see.