How to Make a Rectangular LED Flood Lights

Apr 30th

LED flood lights – A rectangular infrared LED headlights are can be created with infrared LED light strips. LED light strips are rows of LED lights. These strips allow connection of multiple LEDs simple. The rectangular flood light can be as large as you want and can contain as many LEDs you want. LEDs are cheap, consume little power, emit little heat and are durable.


Make a rectangular LED flood lights, choose a size for the Led flood lights. Cut a piece of plywood to fit these dimensions. Purchasing infrared LED light strips. LED light strip may contain a few to hundreds of LED lights. Buy bright enough strips to cover your plywood rectangle. Measure out how many LED light strips it takes to cover the entire piece of wood.

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Super glue LED light strips on the wood. Make sure there is enough space to run each light strip wires to the controller. Drill a whole right where the LED wire meets the wood, then fishing thread through to the back of the wood. The hole may be very small (1/4 inch.) This will keep the front of the LED headlight free of wires. Wait for the super glue to dry. The front of the LED headlamps should be covered by LEDs. Secure all cables LED to LED controller. This control switch is the LED flood lights on and off Depending on the model purchased.

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