How Black Light Work

Apr 14th

Black light – Do you know about how black light works? If you don’t know, let’s we knowing it together. The first is Ultraviolet light; Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation like visible light, but it is a little more energetic. When UV light hits certain materials, called phosphors, (get the them to glow), that undetectable by the human eye. Phosphorus changes the energy from UV radiation of light so we can see (visible light).


Fluorescent light with Phosphor; Black light is a kind of fluorescent light with a special coating of the phosphor, which functions as a ubiquitous accessories in college dorm rooms. Phosphors fluoresce (emit light) when struck by radiation. The black glass for a black light blocking normal visible light, so the only light that hits the phosphor coating is in the ultraviolet spectrum.

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Glowing teeth and other things; many things in nature contain phosphorus, as your teeth and nails. That is why they glow under a black light. Special paint, textiles and fluorescent pens and markers also contain phosphorus. This is why your white T-shirt glows under black light. Black light products on clubs using paint and materials with a high phosphorus content, so the lights earlier under the black light.