Hid Lights to Grow Stocky Tomato Plants

Mar 19th

Hid lights – There are many types of light to grow tomatoes indoors. Using a combination of light to mimic the actual growth conditions will give optimum results. A metal halide lights emit a color spectrum with more blue light, which promote growth leaves over fruit and allow the plant to remain small. Starting growth during this light will allow for the tomato plant to become strong and the stem to be thicker to support the fruit. When the plant is ready, it can be coupled to a red spectrum.

The Hid Lights
The Hid Lights

A high-pressure sodium lights emit a spectrum that emphasizes red, like autumn sun. This is the best hid lights for flowering or fruit growing. If you notice that the light is still bluish after it warms up, it may not be getting enough power from the ballast.

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The hid lights of high heat can burn the top of tomato plants so that they will have to be lifted. Ballasts hanging from the ceiling chains is one solution. Different ballasts offer various controls; some may give too much power, which will cause the light appears redder when hot. The hotter gases can over expand and cause an explosion.