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Apr 17th

Red light has been the bane of many drivers for some years now. Since 2007, the State of Florida has relied on traffic cameras to equip (to a level of outstanding) revenue from various cities that employ its use. This is despite the fact that the constitutionality of using them is always in question.


In fact, it was not until 2010 that the issue was even addressed legally. But it seems every time we scored a small victory in getting the use of these cameras is revoked, they appeared in several other cities in which the question of the legitimacy of its use is only running completely ignored. Many drivers in Coral Springs may be a sigh of relief when the city lowered Red light traffic that has been installed at seven sites traffic. Unfortunately for motorists in this city, it seems that it is only a temporary reprieve.

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Apparently, the camera does not work properly which was a reason for their removal. It seems that the camera “performance and accuracy” concern. This is something that has been a matter of consideration for all of us about the use of traffic cameras Red light, but many city authorities do not seem to listen.

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