Fun Ideas about Strobe Light

Jul 8th

Strobe light – is often used to set mood of a room or a tone, usually during a match. Flashing strobe lighting plays tricks on eyes, delivering a pulse of light every fifth of a second. You see objects for a couple of times per second, creating a distorted effect of slow motion. Although traditional uses in modern world nightclubs are mainly inside, you can find plenty of interesting things to do with strobe lighting. Always be careful when using strobe lighting due to light pulse causes epileptic events in some people.


Playing a game of table tennis or manifold is quite complicated. Eye-hand coordination is necessary to provide small ball to right place. However, if you turn off lights and used only a strobe light to guide your hand, it is a completely different game.  Keep completely dark or add a black light room for added effect. Use glow in dark paint to paint your ping pong or draw lines or arrows on your game indoor miniature golf. Or use paint balls day – glow so that everyone can see what they are hitting. Do craziest game asking players to use day

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Strobe Light led to a stream of water create effect that water is dancing. idea of using strobe lighting directed at water droplets originated with MIT professor, Harold E. Edgerton Dr. 1984, Dr. Edgerton runs a green strobe lighting in a small fountain where water droplets flow down in a small pool leak. With pulsating strobe lighting in background, an optical illusion where it seems that water is dancing and creating shapes and designs is created.