Fabulous Festival of Lights

Aug 7th

Festival of lights – The last Sunday of Advent this year coincides with the winter solstice on 21 December. Festival of Lights held for the first time to celebrate that the light is returning. It begins in Carlsberg City at. 14.30 to 16, and afterwards goes procession through Vesterbro. To celebrate the diversity of life and light return, a light-procession passes through a large part of Vesterbro.


From Carlsberg City to Uncle Danny’s Square and the Cattle Market, where the lights will be merged into one sun. That is will be nice festival of lights in Vesterbro! There will be dance, video projections, drum orchestra, jesters, laser, dance and music.  After the ceremony there will be food, drinks, talks, live music of various kinds and other forms of entertainment on several stages until midnight.

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Or maybe you will go on fabulous festival of lights in Lyon? Winter “Fête des Lumbers” in Lyon is one of the city’s most exciting extravaganzas, in a city that boasts more than its fair share of amazing cultural experiences. Festival of Lights Lyon lights up Dec. streets with dazzling displays and creates a huge buzz across Lyons delightfully different districts. It’s a long weekend of pure magic – and it’s all free!