Christmas Lights Use Icicle Lights

Mar 26th

Icicle lights – Christmas lights have come a long way over the decades. Over the years the incandescent lamp ruled the roost, from the days when if one string out they all go and they are all made of frosted glass for the past few years when the cable problem solved and clear lights being the most popular. Nowadays, electronic technological advances have led to the introduction of LED, or light emitting diode, lights.


LED lights do not rely on a filament, like incandescent bulbs, or a gas mixture, such as fluorescent or neon light style. Instead, they send a current through the semi-conductor materials that emit light as it is excited by the moment. Actually, there are two styles of lamps commonly referred to as Icicle lights LED. The first one was actually made to resemble an ice; The second is more accurately referred to as “net lights”, which consists of LED tense of cable installed in such a way that when they dangle and in darkness resembles a series of ice.

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Icicle lights LED on any style has certain advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, they consume less electricity than other types of light to brightness equivalent. However, there is disagreement about how much less electricity than they actually consume in real-world settings. However, they are cheaper to operate than incandescent, in particular.