Bud Light Platinum Beer

May 3rd

Bud light platinum was made from recycled beer bottle. Would add great decor to any bar or man cave. Have some one that is hard to buy for, this would be a perfect, unique for them. Bud Light Platinum beer was introduced during two 30-second commercials to begin with quarter from the Super Bowl. The ads cost the corporate several million dollars, however they were a wonderful way to showcase the new beer, which hit the shelves Jan. 30 in translucent blue glass.


Whether the neat new glass color is simply a gimmick is yet to become determined, however the Anheuser-Busch beer varies from other Bud offerings. Ringing in at 6 percent alcohol by volume, bud light platinum beer packs a little more of the punch than preferred American beers, like Bud Light, and that is 4. 2 percent alcohol, and Budweiser, and that is 5 percent.

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The beer Isn‘t very light upon the waistline, however, because it contains 137 calories, shaving only 8 calories from the 145 calories inside a regular Budweiser, based on the Washington Post, while regular Bud Light has 110 calories per beer. Bud light platinum beer also costs about $1. 50 greater than normal Bud Light per six-pack, the Post reported.  Anheuser-Busch described the beer like a trendy blue-bottle line extension that appeals to some key number of beer drinkers and expands consumer occasions, in its third-quarter earnings report.

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