Benefits of Blue Light

Jul 1st

Blue light – The sleep-wake cycle is a behavioral pattern that ensures the regulation of the body and its functions, which is known as circadian rhythms. Our biological clock. This cycle allows people to remain awake to develop our tasks of the day, but sometimes there are failures, sleep disorders, caused by several factors, one of them works shifts.


These faults produce fatigue and sleep, which may affect the performance of activities and job and become a risk factor at work, and more specifically to the tasks they perform, increasing the probability of having an accident in the work, the less attention is deprivation of rest. To address these sleep problems and fatigue simply intervene on hygiene and habit of sleep, or if the problem persists, the use of benzodiazepines. This study states that human exposure to blue light for a short time, can have benefits in sleep-wake cycle of the human being.

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Many people were wondering … and why blue light and no other color? The blue light belongs to what the perception of color is known as light shortwave these lights are very effective at stimulating the circadian system, makes believe the body is day and this inhibits the production of the sleep hormone, the melatonin.

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