Awesome Kitchen Lighting Options

Mar 16th

Kitchen lighting – In the kitchen, the light is key. Not the same lighting that requires elaborate food to eat it. What is the ideal solution for each process and where to place it? Here are the keys to hit. The ideal lighting a kitchen is the result of combining the natural light with artificial. So if your kitchen has natural light grab it, planning a distribution that does not hinder or cover their circulation.


Think if you only kitchens, if you eat it, if you pass while having coffee and chatting, if you work … There should be a general kitchen lighting but also a time for each activity and must avoid leaving dark areas. The down light lights are highly recommended. They are more expensive than halogen but consume 80% less, are more powerful, last longer and do not heat, cooking paramount.

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For convenience and savings associated with a switch to each area -work cooking, baking, sink …-. It will be the best way to control energy expenditure when using only kitchen lighting you need.  If you want your kitchen more comfortable, adds some ambient light as sconces or recessed into the ceiling wall washers open at the top. They will help, for example, to illuminate walkways or walls of the office.